About Us

We invent strategic market research and marketing solutions. The new products, brands, services and business models that we invent help our clients create enduring competitive advantage.

Our forte lies in raising the innovation quotient of the organization by use of robust tools and process designed to increase the chance of success at the market place. Uncovering and embedding the hidden power of consumer insight is something that we thrive on. We help our partners build in house innovation capabilities .Our style is provocative and passionate.

The solutions that we create are inspired not just by theory but are rooted in four decades of industry experience.

We try to offer new and different solutions for old problems which have been grappling for long.

Why Us

Access to a consumer anywhere in the world based on your chosen criteria using Video technology is only the beginning of our service. The real difference we bring is our expertise to facilitate use of the consumer interaction as a competitive edge in your business.

You can conduct consumer interviews yourself or use the services of moderators & translators ( if required) to facilitate the interview as per your Requirement Tap into qualitative Researchers world wide for interpretation and analysis

Services Offered

Direct Consumer Interviews All you need to do is to login to “BRIEF” Screen and provide specific information about the consumer you would like to invite for a interview. The self help tool is amazingly simple to use. What is more you will have a dedicated project manager at call 24/7to guide you should you need any help
Video Recording As part of the standard offering you can get a encrypted video of the conversation which is secure and can be viewed by only you are any one you choose to share the link with . You can book mark parts of the conversation while it is going on so that you can straight away to the most relevant parts of the video when you view it the second time .This video is available immediately after you finish the interview .
Modertion Assistance Should you need a moderator to conduct your interview, just click the option in the BRIEF and in a moderator will login at the time of the interview to conduct the interview on your behalf. This is particular useful when you cannot speak the local language of the consumer but would still like to have a personal interaction
Clip Making We are introducing a clip making service soon so that you can take out the relevant parts and share short clips with team members or use these for Presentations
Simultaneous Intrepretation Based on your preference you can use the interpreter to either do simultaneous interpretation of the interview real time using a trained expert interpreter or Auto Interpretation with subtitles . Now language is no longer a barrier for you to develop a personal understanding of your consumer
Tone of Voice Indicator We are working on a exciting Tool to help you to decode that the consumer actually means beyond the words that you hear. The Tone of voice reveals what the consumer has not told you. This empowers you to ask more insightful conversations by asking the right query at the the right time.
Discussion Guide Service If you don’t have the time to write the discussion guide yourself, all you have to do is to have a short verbal briefing session with our project manager and your discussion guide will be mailed to you before the interview for your approval.
Content Analysis We will leverage our strategic alliance with a team of expert Research Leads who have the ability to go beyond the script of the interview and provide you insight ful analysis. Eearly deep understanding of the consumer will help you to create better mixes and reduce MR costs at later stage.

Solution Overview

Brand Manager has an idea! wants to know how consumer will respond
Logs into the portal and requests for consumer contact
Portal identifies appropriate consumer from a strategic panel partner
Interview is scheduled and confirmed on calendar
Virtual interviews using Advanced Video Technology
Simultaneous Translation
Brand Manager develops and refines the idea further


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Suggested Solutions

  • Know Your Customer Conversations
  • Behavior Observations
  • Instant Communication feedback
  • Innovation Lab
  • Desktop Shopper Visit

Desktop consumer connections with consumers who match your specific Target criteria

Know Your Customer Conversations

You are working on interesting challenge and wish you could reach out to the Target consumer and get a quick understanding about some thing you are unsure about or You are looking for inspiration , or an independent independent unbiased view

With few clicks, we will get the consumer on to your desk in a matter of hours.

If you think you need do even more work with consumer as your partner we can advice you and help you to do that the right way and be one step ahead of competition.

Observe & learn by watching consumer behavior live

Do wish you could watch how the consumer cooks a dish in a particular manner ?


How she goes through her beauty regimen


Or cleans the Dishes


Or how her children brush their teeth.


You can observe live in non intrusive manner, record and then probe all the details required to develop solutions via a follow up video call.

Instant Communication feedback

  • Develop your concept, Packaging or the advertising story board by working with live target consumer.
  • Reduce market research costs by ensuring that are successful at the very first attempt, keeping you ahead of competition

Innovation Lab

  • Virtual Collaboration using group discussions empowers managers to experiment , incubate collaborate & evaluate.
  • They can collaborate with consumers or with other managers.
  • Bring in and out people into various parts as required.
  • Segregation of viewers from the participants makes the process least intrusive

Desktop shopper visit

  • Observe shoppers / Conduct on shelf pack audits
  • Conduct live shopper interviews
  • Talk to General Trade shopkeepers

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